Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Wordpress learning series -Validating submitting and emailing a contact form using jquery and PHP

For many of you who use “jquery.validate.js” to validate your forms, you may be keen for a solution that not only submits the form and emails the content but also displays a ‘thank you’ message after successful submission and all within the same handler .I am focussing on the same handler as you will find 100’s of solutions to submit it using another function but not within the same validate function.

So, here’s a full proof resolution for you after putting in hours of hard work. Since I use wordpress for most of my projects, I'd like to put forth a solution that would work along with your wordpress themes as well.

I am not using any contact form wordpress plugins here, but simply combining the power of PHP and jquery to accomplish the desired output. I’m a huge advocate of building things from scratch rather than use WP plugins mainly because you really need to hack the core to get it working as per your need. So let’s begin the journey and get going..

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Easy kids recipes – Dalia (broken wheat) porridge -II

This dalia porridge is perfect for all those fussy eaters who would shriek at the sight of dalia.
You can also try out a similar recipe for infants from my other post: